ARTDECO CANVAS will be responsible for producing orders correctly according to the order received from Customer.

Order Cancellations:

Once production has commenced, the order may not be cancelled. If the order has not yet been shipped, shipping may be cancelled but the order will still be billed.


Orders returned to ARTDECO CANVAS by the carrier will be discarded.

Undeliverable Addresses:

Orders in which the address is undeliverable by the carrier will be destroyed. In these cases, we recommend the Customer does not submit a new order with the same address, as the results will be the same. If the Customer feels the carrier has made an error, please contact ARTDECO CANVAS. To ensure that orders are successfully delivered, ARTDECO CANVAS highly recommends implementing address validation on the Customer’s front end to limit address errors.

Change of Address Request:

A change of address can only be made if production has not commenced. Due to regional fulfillment, a change of address can only be made when or if the new address resides in the same region/territory as the original address. If the request does not adhere to either of the above rules, a new order will need to be placed with updated address information.

Orders Lost in Transit:

For orders “lost in transit”, Customer needs to submit a new order. A claim must be submitted to receive a credit for the “lost in transit” order.


Customer must submit claims resulting from product errors or shipping errors within 30 days from the date the order was mailed. To submit a claim, please use ARTDECO CANVAS’s online claim form: with the following information:

  • Order Date
  • PO # / Order Number
  • Description of the issue· Product photos that clearly show the extent of damage to the product on all sides
  • Packaging photos that clearly show the outer packaging, including the shipping label